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Who We Are

FirstXpress Micro-Credit Services is a Member of Micro Credit Association Ghana and also Licensed from Bank of Ghana

FirstXpress Micro-Credit Services (FXMCS) is a member of Micro Credit Association Ghana and also licensed from Bank of Ghana. The company is located in Dansoman in the Greater Accra Region. FirstXpress Micro Credit services started its operation in 2012 with market coordinator(s). In September, 2014 the company was registered with the Money Lenders Association Ghana (now as Micro Credit Association Ghana) and subsequently applied for Business Certificate and license from the central Bank of the Republic.

The core mandate of the company is to provide financial services in the form of micro-loans to small, medium Enterprises (SME’s) within its operational boundaries.
It is the expectation of management to operate effectively and efficiently to improve the liquidity of the company and migrant from their financial Act of Tier four (4) to Savings and Loans. This we believe will enable the company to expand significantly to other potential market viable to our company operations. 


It is nearly impossible to fail if you have a team like this. Focused, Driven and Simply Outstanding.

Prince Owusu Dadzie


Paul Asante Attiah


Herbert Arkoh


Edward Donkoh


Core Values

FXMCS mandate its employees to hold high standard in executing its core duties by assessing the risk of their duties since each employee will be held responsible and accountable for its own action(s) or inaction(s) in the course of performing its operational mandate or duties.

FXMCS employs it staff to be faithful, hones and discipline in all their endeavors both internally and or externally and devise ways to be innovative in all their engagement on behalf of the company.

FXMCS has developed or designed desired results for its staff which must be delivering on timely bases and provide a good customer service at least to all our customers at all levels. 

The general Staff and management are all committed to achieving the best for the company and strive for excellence

We work together as a team to achieve our common goal or objective of meeting individual target, team target, group target and as a whole organizational target. For this reason we have a slogan “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”

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