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Working At FirstXpress

Working Environment At FirstXpress Microcredit Services

One of the greatest assets of your successful company is the labour force or the employees. For this reason, our employees are our priority and mostly regarded as such. Providing employees with the enabling environment goes a long way to bring out the best of the employees to guarantee corporate success.

It is, therefore, our expectation that, Firstxpress Micro-Credit Services (FXMCS) makes the working environment engaging and much fulfilling experience to accommodate all our staff. Our staffing is enthusiastic, goal oriented, positive attitude about their work and have a clear sense towards their daily task.

There is an open form of communication among staff and management, excellent leadership at all levels, competitive environment and healthy competition among the staff of which reward and benefit are given to the most celebrated staff.

Although, FirstXpress Micro-Credit Services is a young company irrespective of where one may find himself or herself loves what he or she does and the expectation of you as an employee is equally the same. We do all we can to make our customer(s) happy by providing them with the best competitive interest rates in the lending business.

For this, we believe that our staff exhibit and possess the skills in maintaining and improving the success of the company. We, therefore, expect our staff to be committed to improving their critical thinking and skills to enable them to excel in the much compelling industry FXMCS finds itself.

In other to hence the full potential of every staff we believe in training, sharing of knowledge and experience in our daily task to help us come out best at all times.

Current vacancies within the company are listed below. If the role you are looking for is not listed and you are
interested in other challenging positions that may be open later, you can send us your CV to be put on file for future 
consideration. Send a cover letter, educational certificate and your CV to recruitment@firstxpressmls.com

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