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About Us

Who We Are, Vision & Purpose

Who We Are

FirstXpress Micro-Credit Services is a Member of Micro Credit Association Ghana and also Licensed from Bank of Ghana

FirstXpress Micro-Credit Services (FXMC) is member of Micro Credit Association, Ghana and licensed by Bank of Ghana.
FXMC started its operation in 2012 with the help of market coordinators.
In September 2014 the company was registered with the money lenders Association Ghana (now as Micro credit Association Ghana) and subsequently applied for business certificate 

and operational license from the central bank of Ghana. These target group are unbanked and are neglected by the banks due to their illiteracy level.
We have proven track record of supporting these small and petty traders in the form of providing loans and taking banking to their doorsteps. The core mandate of FXMC is to provide financial services in the form of micro loans to small 

and medium enterprises within all the vibrant market hubs in and outside Accra. With a solid, tested and experienced management team, it is the expectation of management to invest and apply sound financial polices to grow and expand with our customers to support them in all their business ventures. 


It is nearly impossible to fail if you have a team like this. Focused, Driven and Simply Outstanding.

Prince Kwesi Owusu-Dadzie


Paul Asante Attiah


Herbert Arkoh


  Edward Donkoh


Corporate Values

Part of our overall vision is to set standards and make a mark in the financial sector in Ghana.
We want to make a difference not only in our target group but also do responsible lending to add value to our client’s business.
In doing this our strong corporate values comes into action and we live and work with it at every point in time.
Five essential principles guide the solid operations of Firstxpress micro credit.

At FXMC we stretch further from being responsible to be accountable for our actions. We are answerable for our actions and actions from our team and this helps us to pursue excellence to meet customer needs thereby achieving company goals.

FXMC are always honest in our dealings with customers and the general public as this is the backbone of financial sector. Due to this employees has a high degree of personal commitment and this is required from all employees of FXMC.

We do thorough risk assessment on customer application to provide sound financial advice to customers to benefit from our loan product. We also provide transparent information on our fees and charges to equip our customers with all the information they need to apply for any credit facility. Besides we do responsible lending to avoid over indebtedness of our customers.

Our culture of team effort is exhibited at every level of our operations mainly credit risk assessment. Management works together with employees to find solutions to suit customer needs. This has crafted a slogan “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”.

Every client is served and attended to in a friendly and professional manner. We train our employees to provide first class customer services to all irrespective of their background.

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